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get a job, rita ackermann, acrylic on canvas, 1997


i hope u all know that when john stark said “live free or die” he didn’t mean “wear fedoras and pay for your fleshlights using bitcoin”

shame on you

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daily reminder that the boy you’re in love with at 16 probably won’t matter when you’re 25.

daily reminder that the math test you failed your freshman year of high school probably won’t matter when you’re graduating college.

daily reminder that the problems you’re facing today may seem like the worlds end, but they will not matter in a year.

daily reminder that you’re going to be okay.

everything is going to be okay.

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didnt leve mty place toduuy all day pukin n stuff i look like shitttt


Being drunk does not excuse cheating.

Being drunk does not excuse rape.

Being drunk does not excuse being an asshole.

Being drunk does not excuse shitty and destructive behavior.

Being drunk is not an excuse.

Control yourself or don’t drink.

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So my dad tried to take a picture of himself when he was traveling in Malaysia and



Have i told you that I’m a piece of shit yet

no you arent, you non

I’m a full time turd is da troof

This is perhaps the worst period pain I’ve ever had.